That Stupid Monkey Part 2: Donkey Kong Country

Day 2 of our monkey extravaganza. Today we are going to focus on the first Donkey Kong Country developed by Rare, before the company went down the toilet. The Country series decided that Donkey Kong would be improved if he took a lesson from that horrible fat plumber that tormented him all those years ago. In other words Donkey Kong Country is a platformer. Donkey Kong in the Country series is not, in fact, the same Donkey Kong from the original. He is the nephew of that Donkey Kong, who appears in this game as the crotchety Cranky Kong, a character who will stop at nothing to berate the player.

I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, history’s greatest monster

One of the new additions to the game is a whole Kong family of characters including Cranky.

You have Funky Kong, a hip surfer monkey who can shuttle you around the island in a barrel with several plane parts crudely pasted on.

I hope you’ve purchased flight insurance

And there’s Candy Kong. She is Donkey Kong’s “love interest” who allows you to save your game with a magic barrel.

This is either Candy, or a monkey who escaped from a makeup testing facility

Of course I’m forgetting Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong’s little buddy in a totally “not his lover way” (What do you think I am, made of images? Go look at one of the above ones. He’s the one with the red hat). Diddy was originally supposed to be an updated Donkey Kong Jr, but that was scrapped in development. The player takes turns using Donkey and Diddy, being able to switch between the two at will or trading off when one “dies”. You see when you get hit in Donkey Kong Country, the monkey you are controlling just runs away like a little pansy and hides in a DK barrel (barrel of monkeys, oh Rare, you slay me). You may have noticed that Rare really works on the barrel theme.

Really, really works on the barrel theme

Following Donkey Kong’s stalwart history of animal abuse, Donkey Kong enslaves and “rides” special animal “pals” around in order to kill enemies. Rare names the animals keeping their love of puns at the forefront of their naming strategy.

Enguarde the swordfish (GET IT?)

Mario does not make his return as the villain of this new series instead Rare looked at the natural predator of the monkey…

Its crocodiles isn’t it

The kremlins are a bunch of insane, anthropomorphic crocodiles with the compulsion to spell every “c” word with a “k”. The names of the kremlins are of course puns such as “Klap Trap” and “Klump”. These unholy pun-based monsters have taken Donkey Kong’s banana hoard, because why not. This sends Donkey Kong into a journey to get the bananas back (monkeys and their bananas, am I right?). Donkey Kong Country was successful enough that it spawned two direct sequels, which we’ll talk about later. More importantly, Donkey Kong Country solidified Donkey Kong as one of Nintendo’s big mascots.

Gotta give him props. He really rocks that tie

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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