Intermission: The Last of Us Update

Whats that, internet, I’m not talking about Donkey Kong today? I know you want to find out what happens next, but theres only so much monkey hi-jinx I can write about at a time. Instead of our regularly scheduled Donkey Kong, I’m bringing you an update on the new Playstation exclusive “The Last of Us”. You see they finally decided to release a real trailer and not just  bullshit real world footage. I know what you’re asking me. Is it going to be a follow up to the Elite Beat Agents, or a new JRPG or Crash Bandicoot as a riot breaker? Well, internet, I was close. It does in fact have something in common with Crash Bandicoot, as both it and this game are made by Naughty Dog. So there, instead of eating my failure nachos, I will be eating the nachos of triumph! Either way heres the trailer for your perusal.

Alright, so this game is about a post-apocaliptic world (called it). It seemingly stars a man (we’ll call him Viggo Mortensen) and a young girl (we’ll call her Ellen Paige), who may or may not be his daughter. So Viggo and the Ellen seem to be pulling on the opposite end of the post-apocaliptic scale that games like Borderlands and Fallout deal with. In other words, the game isn’t going to be a funny romp through the wasteland. In fact the game I would probably compare the trailer to most closely would be Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, mainly for the bright environments and depressing themes. Oh, also this game is clearly an homage (read: ripoff) of The Road, starring Viggo Mortensen (yes I know it was a book first, but my eyes are for watching not for reading like a sucker).

Same gun, same beard, same pairing, same thing

Copying The Road may not be a bad thing. The movie itself was good, very good. The problem lies in the fact that the movie was depressing as hell, and as far as I’ve seen it video games rarely tackle the depressing, especially Naughty Dog with their bandicoots, and peppy treasure hunters. What we don’t know is what this game will play like. The concept opens it wide open for a survival horror approach with an emphasis on survival, but at the same time do we really expect Naughty Dog to have us scrounging for food and water? It doesn’t seem like their schtick. Instead it may choose to follow the Dead Island approach of the apocalypse and just pretend like you’re dealing with the survival issues, when in fact all you’re doing is killing a city’s worth of zombies.

Immediate concern: how much food and anti-biotics do I have?

Actually the parallel between Dead Island and the Last of Us could be deeper. You see Dead Island had an infamous trailer, which started the gaming world salivating over the premise. However, when the game was released, it was nothing like the trailer at all, and in fact pretty crappy in general. We can only hope that the Last of Us meets the expectations set by this trailer, because, at this point, those expectations are really high.

You’d better pull it off Viggo, or no Hobbit for you

So who are the villains? Are they ants, as I so delicately hinted at last time? No, the ant-agonists (shut up) seem to be zombies. Yes, I know fungal infected humans are not zombies, but you know what I say to that? If it moves like a zombie, and clucks like a zombie, its probably a zombie. It looks like Naughty Dog is jumping on the zombie bandwagon, which I for one applaud. There have been many zombie games that have come out, but very few good ones (No Call of Duty zombie modes do not count as a zombie game), and that is something I’d like to see.

Their time will come. First, Zombies!

The Last of Us actually looks like it could potentially be (don’t trust trailers) a really, really good game. Naughty Dog has the chops to make something amazing, and as long as they don’t screw it up, the Last of Us could be a serious game to watch.

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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