Christmas Wishlist: What do we Want Next Year in Gaming?

Here we are on Christmas day and the end of the biggest commercial season of the year. Now, after everyone recovers from Turkey and various levels of severe intoxication, we can look forward to next year’s Christmas (only 365 days away!). So, what should be on gamers’ collective wishlist for next year? Well, there are too many to count, so I’ll break it down to my usual three, as I’m allowed to be lazy (its Christmas).

Call you back. Santa’s just discovered a new definition of naughty

1.) Games that just won’t come out
Everyone knows at least one game that just won’t come out. Some companies release info on games way too early in development and don’t let people know it. Because of this, we’ve been waiting for Final Fantasy Versus XIII for like six years now, each year thinking that it will come out this year. Well, to sound like a sucker, I hope it comes out this year. There are also the games, which may or may not have been cancelled. These games usually gave us a bit of data a long time ago and then nothing, for a very, very long time. We have just recieved a confirmation that The Last Guardian hasn’t been cancelled, but it was scary for awhile. On this list there are: Beyond Good and Evil 2, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Duke Nukem’s dignity (just kidding, Duke Nukem never had dignity, silly). While they may not be cancelled and we may get occasional news that they aren’t, it is still very worrisome. They didn’t tell us they cancelled Metal Gear: Rising until they revealed Resurgence, so who knows whats going on. Lastly there are games that Japan has, but won’t release outside of there borders. This is rarer, but I want The Last Story and Valkyria Chronicles 3; however, I’d still just settle for a release date for Versus though.

This image is from 2006. WHERE ARE YOU!

2.) A good launch for the Vita
Whether you’re a Nintendo fanboy or a Sony fanboy, it will be good if the Vita launches well. You see, idiot analysts have been doomsaying handhelds for awhile now because of mobile phone games. Nintendo’s 3DS launched poorly, but Nintendo made a lot of mistakes. Now the system is doing quite well. On the other hand, Sony seems to have learned from Nintendo’s mistakes and are gearing up for a phenomenal launch. With a huge selection of games (for a launch), a competitive price, and top of the line hardware, the Vita is set to launch big. If it doesn’t, it will just be another feather in the cap of those idiots who think phone gaming will replace traditional dedicated handhelds without realizing that they appeal to two different markets. Also, its good for the 3DS to have a strong competition in the market and vice versa so that each system will push eachother. With the 3DS’ year headstart, it is unlikely that 3DS fans should feel threatened; therefore, they should be pushing for a successful handheld war to begin in February.

Where’s my Vita, Japan? Why do I have to wait until February, you bastard?

3.) A continuation of dead series
Well this is the least likely thing to happen. Dead series are dead for a reason. However, it does happen that series come back from the dead. Recently it was announced that there would be another handheld game in the Suikoden series. This series fights death like Kirby puts things in his mouth, and by that I mean it happens a lot. Parasite Eve fans were granted a sequel in The 3rd Birthday, although many of them would have preferred it to have stayed dead. What I’m trying to say is that stranger things have happened than longtime abandoned series coming back. So here is my list you can tell me yours in the comments (oh, and be the first commentor for my blog, so huray!). Chrono Trigger: Square Enix registered the name Chrono Break over a decade ago, and I want another sequel to one of the greatest games of all time already, damnit! Breath of Fire: Capcom’s official story is that the series is dead, but there have been interviews with Capcom staff that say that there are individuals who want to revive the series. Parasite Eve: I don’t care that it just got The 3rd Birthday. I want more, and with a quality that the series deserves.

The NYPD: We’re cracking down on the arts, especially opera

Well there we go, internet. Thats what we should all be looking forward to next year in gaming. Sure, I could have done this on New Year’s Eve or Day, but to hell with you and your precious logic. For me, the year ends with Christmas and New Year’s Eve is just Chinese food fireworks day. So, now I leave you, Internet, to do what I do best on Christmas: avoid talking to religious relatives.

I’m going to feel like our fat friend later on today.

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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