Nintendo’s Announcement

Two more days until I’m back to my computer and can start editing my posts better. Keep the hope alive.

I know what you’re thinking, internet. “Wow, what a clever title for today’s post.” Well, my cleverness can’t be all candycorn and rainbows so you’ll just need to accept the lame title. So today, Nintendo shocked the world as they revealed the bio-organic nature of the 3DS…alright, so I’ll admit I was wrong about that one. To those of you skimming over the news, it would seem that Nintendo’s announcement fell flat. No new games, just new details and Japanese release dates for already announced games. However, the news is, in fact, monumental. Why? Because for the first time in its entire history one of Nintendo’s announcements focused almost entirely on online play.

This sums up Nintendo’s general reaction to the internet

Nintendo is the only one of the big three to not see the potential in online play. The Wii’s online capabilities are so bad that I’d trust a Commodore 64 before it when it comes to the internet. The Virtual Console (Nintendo’s first crack at the e-shop) ran out of steam years ago because Nintendo just didn’t care about it. They could have made millions had they sold additional clothing and parts to the Miis, but instead they left it with the meagre selection that came built in. Even the 3DS has yet to capitalize on this. The 3DS has the best online conectivity of any Nintendo system, but is still leagues behind Sony and Microsoft. It still clings to the cumbersome and antiquated Friend Code system that, frankly, never worked to begin with. There have been improvements, however. The 3DS’ e-shop is much better than the virtual console, and, if it gets continued support, could turn out good. It is also easier and more straightforward to join online matches than previously in Nintendo’s history. Todays news continues to bring Nintendo closer into being called mediocre instead of abysmal in the online department

This thing is proof that Nintendo doesn’t care about any of you

So lets talk about the importance of Nintendo’s announcemenst starting with the most insignificant. Today they discussed Kid Icarus: Uprising and Fire Emblem 3DS. However, what details did they focus on? You guessed it, online features. Nintendo showcased Kid Icarus’ online multiplayer, and confirmed that Fire Emblem would have 2 player co-op (not necessarily online, but its still a big step in the multiplayer front). Ninendo has been following a trend since, I would say, New Super Mario Bros Wii. They have been more and more focusing on multiplayer and group play in their main series. Today’s announcement continues this trend and its natural evolution into online multiplayer. This is simple stuff really, but its new to Nintendo. Yes, I know Mario Kart 7 (the online numbered Mario Kart, so total lack of creativity there) had online, but Mario Kart has always been ahead on this front as Mario Kart DS also had good online connectivity.

Not only is it online, but it looks fun. Is Nintendo finally taking its medication?

Next we are going to talk about something that PC gamers have had for years, other console gamer have had for slightly less longer, and Nintendo has never had: demos. Yes today, Nintendo confirmed that, at least in Japan so far, the 3DS will be getting demos and demos to good games such as Resident Evil: Revelations at that. This is a huge step for Nintendo. Demos alow customers to confirm whether they want to buy a game or not, and they can entice people to buy a game they wouln’t have before they got a chance to play it. With the horrible attachment rate for the Wii, this is exactly what the company needs. They need people to buy games, not systems. That will bring in third party developers, and that will make the system a success. Nintendo has taken one of its first step into actually addressing some of the major failings of the Wii.

I don’t like memes, but this one is pretty apt

Finally we have Nintendo’s most staggering announcement: Fire Emblem 3DS will have DLC (downloadable content) released for it. Whether you hate DLC or love it, it is very important to developers. It allows them to add extra things into the game in order to make a better game, and, more importantly, it gives them a major source of revenue. Sure, often DLC is a waste of money, but there are many examples of excellent DLC (look at Borderlands). Yes, there are serious downsides, such as making an intentionally unfinished game and they selling the rest of the game as DLC (Dragon Age), but that evil just has to be taken with the good. More than any other announcement, DLC brings Nintendo closest to having a modern gaming system.

This is Dr. Ned. He’s totally not Dr. Zed and he’s why DLC is good

There we go. Nintendo showed off some rather mundane features to already announced games, as well as announced several demos. However bland this would be for Sony or Microsoft, this is actually a major announcement for Nintendo. For the first time, gamers can look onto Nintendo and not see a company cowering in the face of a growing online world.

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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