No Hope Left: Resident Evil 6?

So in one of my trips over to IGN, I noticed a post concerning the possible announcement of Resident Evil 6. I’m a fairly big Resident Evil fan, so I was intrigued enough to click on the link. It turns out that it’s one of those awful viral video game announcement sites like what we saw with The Last of Us. You see, internet, the key marketing strategy with these sites is to be intentionally vague, but seem to be giving hints as to the nature of the product in order to drum up attention. As I’m posting about it, this marketing strategy has proven that it works. In order to prove that the site relates to Resident Evil 6, IGN’s article pointed out that the site has the same identity protection data as the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City site, and that there is a Biohazard sign (Japanese name for Resident Evil is Biohazard). This seems a little thin to me, but at the same time I can’t help but think that IGN knows something that they aren’t letting on. For one thing, IGN is holding a 15th anniversary party for Resident Evil tomorrow, the same day that an official announcement regarding this teaser is supposed to come out. Of course, this is just a random conspiracy theory style argument and it holds no weight. However, I’m going to run with it and post what we can infer from this website about Resident Evil 6, if we were all crazy conspiracy theorists.

Resident Evil 6 is like this, but four more.

1.) Something Finally Happened

The Resident Evil series deals with biological weapon outbreaks. In the first three games this meant zombies, and in the last two it meant parasites. The problem is, is that these outbreaks never went anywhere. Despite involving a plague of zombies, Resident Evil has never been a post-apocalyptic game. The first three games showed a slow progression of an outbreak, eventually ending with a city being nuked to prevent the spread. Resident Evil 4, 5, and Code Veronica had completely isolated outbreaks that never went anywhere. The point I’m making is that the teaser website looks like it’s going to put the Resident Evil series deeply into post-apocalyptic territory, and this is just wrong. You see, internet, the market has been flooded by these types of games and we don’t need another. Just recently, The Last of Us was revealed through a viral site like this one, and it’s going to be another post-apocolyptic joyride. Resident Evil is far more interesting then that because it’s happening WITHOUT there being a breakdown of society. This isn’t something most zombie games go with and that’s a good thing. I seriously don’t want Resident Evil 6 to just be Resistance 4.

If I have to sit through another post-apocalyptic game there better be a Thunderdome damnit!

2.) The Devil

One of the posts has a map of the world with different locations highlighted. The poster then makes a pentagram from these points. Do you know what that means, internet? It means that whatever is happening in the Resident Evil world involves the devil. My bet is that someone spliced the T-virus with DNA from Beelzebub in order to create super-devil zombies! Of course this part of the site contradicts that it will be Resident Evil 6. The series has never had anything to do with the supernatural, Resident Evil, even at it’s wackiest moments, is totally grounded in science (Even if it’s mad science). If these are outbreak zones, it is unlikely that they would handily make a pentagram like that without intention. Of course, maybe I’m taking the pentagram too literal, which brings us to…

No, I don’t want to subscribe to your newsletter

3.) Cultists

Now this one makes far more sense. I can easily believe that Resident Evil 6 would involve cultists and that these cultists caused outbreaks in a pattern across the Mediterranean in the shape of a pentagram. Cultists aren’t new to the series either. Resident Evil 4 featured the Los Illuminados cult under the evil Lord Saddler, and it also isn’t too much of a stretch to see a cult form around the insane biological horrors of the Resident Evil franchise, as they’re practically supernatural. Of course, the post-apocalyptic setting favours the return of the original zombies and not the new plagas (parasites) of the last two games, so what kind of outbreak will be featured is unclear.

If Resident Evil 6 is post-apocalyptic then you won’t be able to get a Jill sandwich at your local retailer

In the end, it is very unlikely that this teaser site is actually dealing with Resident Evil 6. If it does have anything to do with it, I seriously doubt we will be able to glean anything from the intentionally vague posts. Will it be post-apocalyptic, or not? Will it have zombies or not? There are many questions that are still left unanswered, and an anonymous teaser site is not the place to look. For all we know, this is a teaser site for a movie and not a game. Either way, it looks like we’ll find out what it’s about tomorrow.

UPDATE: Well it turns out that it is definitely posted by Capcom (Developer)

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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