What I’ve Learned from my First Two Months of Blogging.

Well, it has been two months since I started this blog and I thought I would reflect on its creation. This is partially because I’ve learned a lot, but it’s mainly because I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say today, and I really don’t want to make another post like the Disgaea 4 one a couple days back. Basically this will be a short post outlining three things I learned about blogging since I started.

Who is this god among men?

1.) You have to promote your posts

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s self-promotion. I can’t stand telling people to check out my blog or advertise it in anyway. However, I’ve learned that this is necessary. People aren’t just going to stumble across your blog, you need to work on it. I started a Twitter early on, but my hatred for Twitter won out, and I don’t post very much on it. I’m trying to get into reddit, but most of my self-promoting comes from GameFAQs. I have been an active member of the GameFAQs community since 2002, and I couldn’t think of a better place to share my views on gaming. I try to do this sparsely, because I feel like a tool every time I post a link to my blog there, but the response so far has been very encouraging, and I have to admit that I’m somewhat addicted to the page views that posting on the site generates.

This is where you go if you want to learn about gaming… except for this blog of course.

2.) Controversy sells and I hate it

The most successful posts, in terms of page views, that I’ve had have dealt with controversial topics. For example: yesterday I made a post, which didn’t call Final Fantasy XIII the worst game ever (It wasn’t particularly positive though) and I have had almost a thousand views on it so far, which is insane. I didn’t make the post to promote any controversy, and hell, I’d rather everyone agree with me at all times, but that’s what happens sometimes. Controversy is a great way to get page views, but, as much as I want to spread the word of my blog, I really have no interest in just making controversial posts over and over again in order to rile up fanbases.

Final Fantasy XIII: Where anything short of total condemnation is controversial

3.) Updating everyday is hard

I made the choice to update everyday on this blog upon it’s inception. For my readers, that means that they are granted daily content, but it isn’t easy in the slightest. Several hours of my busy day usually go into making these posts and sometimes (Today) I just don’t have anything to say. That doesn’t mean I’m going to skip a day, as I have no intention to change my update schedule, but it is tough when I feel I need to bring my “A” game everyday. Should I have made it update three times a week instead of everyday? Maybe, but I’d rather have to put more work into the blog and put out more content for whatever fans I may have then to start slacking off now.

When I’m not entertaining you, I’m here. You’re welcome.

All in all, I’ve had a fun time of it so far. I’ve learned somethings to do to promote myself (As much as I hate it), and that it’s shortsighted and naive to think I can make a brilliant thought-provoking post everyday. I don’t see stopping the blog anytime soon, so keep coming back. Soon we’ll have coverage on Final Fantasy XIII-2, Resident Evil: Revelations and the Playstation Vita, so things are definitely looking good as we head into the March rush.

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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