100th Post Behind the Scenes Spectacular!

Hello there, internet. If you have never seen this blog before and have only stumbled upon in, possibly looking for pictures, this post is not for you. Please go to the tabs on the right and find a more suitable one… or I guess you could leave…. Instead, this post is for whatever fans I have accrued these past 100 posts, as I am going to take the time to give everyone a behind the scenes experience of my blog and answer some of the many questions I receive daily. What makes this blog tick? What are some of my greatest successes and failures, and where is the hardcore nudity? These questions and more will be answered in my 100th Post Behind the Scenes Spectacular!

The classiest sign there is!

Reverend Samuel Michagaw asks:

     “I don’t understand the name of your blog. You don’t translate anything. What abominable heresy and idle thinking went into naming this infernal site?”

Wow, that’s a lot more fire and brimstone than at least 20% of the messages I get on a daily basis. To answer your question Rev. Michagaw, the name is not to be taken literal. You see, I grew up during a time where video games were very poorly translated into english. This is seen particularly by the influence of one Ted Woolsey. Games such as Final Fantasy II (IV) and III (VI) as well as Breath of Fire, and Chrono Trigger, were filled with some pretty egregious mistranslations. This of course also led to a lot of famous Woolsey-isms such as the ever popular “Spoony Bard” line in Final Fantasy IV and Kefka’s hate hate hate hate hate… and so on, speech in Final Fantasy VI. I myself take the handle I use in message boards and on the PSN from such a mistranslation. That is part of the name. The other part is a commentary on the huge amount of misinformation out there and how the internet often plays a game of telephone with it so fans end up in a tizzy over the stupidest of details. One of the primary reasons I had for starting this blog was to try to temper this misinformation as much as possible, so that is definitely an issue.

It’s atma6, please don’t use that information for evil.

John J. Johnnington (Possible pseudonym, must look into that later) asks:

      “Are there any posts you have made that you are ashamed of? I mean, you say a lot of stuff, and I assume that most of it is bullshit. Do you ever feel ashamed of what you write?”

That’s some attitude you have there Mr. Jonnington, but yes there have been posts that I have written that I have been ashamed of. The worst post I think I have ever written was “Disgaea 4: It’s Time for a Change“. It was insanely short, and had practically no point whatsoever. I wanted to write about Disgaea 4, but I just couldn’t think of anything useful to say, so I left it underdeveloped and brief. However, the post that made me change my blog update schedule to three times a week was “Final Fantasy XIII-2: The Full Review“. It contained more paragraphs than my standard five, but I was too lazy to even find pictures for them. This was partially because I had written so much on the game that I couldn’t find new pictures and partially because I was burnt out. The review itself was uninspired and weak, and it was embarrassing to post it. That’s not to say that I have not phoned in a post since the change. “Diablo 1 and 2 Set a High Standard” is total crap. All it is, is a recap and the Diablo 2 section is very underdeveloped. I’m not going to lie; I had nothing to write about, and Diablo 3’s release date was announced so I threw something together about vampires…err, I mean Diablo.

Totally deserved better

Chelsea Buckler of Ohio asks: 
     “I don’t know why anyone would read this… thing. Where do you get all of your readership, assuming anyone actually comes here at all?”

Thank you Chelsea for such a wonderful question! Back in the old days when I was just starting out, I mainly received pity viewership from Facebook friends. As the blog developed I occasionally posted links on sites such as Reddit and GameFAQs. This helped broaden up my readership a bit. Nowadays I cannot tell how many people read my blog at all, because the vast majority of views come from Google Images. This is the upside and downside to using so many pictures in my posts. The upside is there is a chance that someone will actually read the post instead of just poaching the picture. The downside is that very few will, and it means I cannot tell at all how many people actually read the blog.
“Cute Puppies” bring ’em here Google!
Now, internet, let’s take a break from these surprisingly negative questions (Should have vetted some of them before starting) and take a quick behind the scenes look at Google Image searches for this blog. Remember when I said that “Diablo 1 and 2 Set a High Standard” was a shameful moment for me? Well it is also one of my most viewed posts. I assume this is simply because Google wants the twist the knife a bit and remind me not to phone it in. Why is it so viewed? Because an insane amount of people look for this picture:
Damn you all to hell!
This isn’t the only weird image search I get. Do you know how many people search for “crying princess” or “Princess  Peach crying”? I’ll tell you, internet, a goddamn huge amount of people. I can’t even imagine why. I assume it has to be some sort of sex thing. It has brought a lot of views to my post about gender roles in gaming, but for all the wrong reasons. Instead of people searching for strong female characters, they are searching for one particularly weak female character breaking down in tears. It really is unfortunate. My mind cannot comprehend why so many people are interested in this picture:

Search “crying princess” and “whips and bondage” and you have yourself a party!
Finally there is one more Image search I would like to highlight. I pointed this out before in a different post, but I get a lot of traffic looking for pictures of Jill Valentine’s ass. This is my own fault for calling it a “prominent character” in Resident Evil: Revelations in this post. Unlike the last image I highlighted, I understand this one entirely. After all, the internet is full of pervs and the mention of ass or butt with a prominent video game character is bound to get you views. So here you go internet, I’m giving you what you want:
Ziegfried the Almighty (Possibly not real) asks:
     “I get so many hours of entertainment from your blog every week, and I find you mention a wide variety of games. How do you keep yourself from sticking to the same stable of games every time?”

Well it’s about time I get some praise. Thank you Mr. the Almighty. To answer your question, when I create a list or something along those lines, I try very hard to not use the same games each time, so that I can draw inspiration from a wide variety of sources. However, sometimes games come up more times then I am comfortable with. The most recent example I can think of is Fallout: New Vegas, which has been popping up a little too much. Other times games come up a lot simply because games are going to be released soon like Final Fantasy XIII-2, Mass Effect 3, or Resident Evil Revelations, and I feel the need to talk about them more than once. Of course I am able to talk about so many different types of games, because I play an insane variety of games. Think of the “Modern Gamer” as a Renaissance Man, who is not limited to one genre of gaming, but can enjoy all of them equally.
There’s also a “Code” about me, but it only leads to a stockpile of tacos, so it isn’t an international sensation… yet.
Professor John Maxwell of the University of Toronto asks:
     “Who is this Alana character? Is she some sort of fictitious personality you use to cover up your weaknesses in writing? Also, if she is real, could I get her number?”

That isn’t a very nice thing to say, Professor. As many of you may recall, there are times where I have been unable to update the blog and instead of cancelling the post, there has been a guest post written by some mysterious creature called an Alana. Well she isn’t some tentacle beast from beyond the stars. Instead, she is my wife, who must endure me talking about video games to a larger extent than I’m sure she’s happy with. Fortunately for you, internet, while not a hardcore gamer, she is very tapped into general nerd culture. Enough so that I don’t feel like I need to worry about the content she comes up with. As for your second question. Unless your name is Dwayne Johnson or David Boreanaz, then no, you may not have her number (If it is, you should call me instead).
Not a Tentacle Beast
Sally Mitchell age 8 asks:
     “I find it quite odd that you made the transition from a daily blog to a thrice weekly one. Why did you do such a thing, and how has that impacted the general machinations of the blog in question?”

Well, Sally, as I mentioned above, the reason I switched my update schedule is because I thought I was losing quality in my posts and I was burning out pretty bad. As for how it has changed the blog. Generally my posts are considerably longer than they used to be. Previously I tried to keep my posts to five paragraphs including the introduction and conclusion. Nowadays, I tend to write much more than that. Personally I don’t know if that is a good change as I never received any feedback on it, and I sometimes fear I’m being too longwinded and people aren’t interested in reading that much on the internet. Of course those people would also have given up before reaching this question, so my bad. As it stands, I feel like the biggest change is that I am able to cover a lot more relevant material. It was very difficult pulling posts out of my ass back in the daily update schedule, and I rarely have to do that now. The hardest part is that my posts now take much, much longer to write and sometimes that is a problem.
Thanks for the question Sally. Here’s an unsigned picture of Old Snake for you.
Finally before wrapping up let’s look at one more behind the scenes moment. Some of the very astute among you may have noticed a few weeks back that I enabled adsense (Puts ads on the blog), and that it is no longer enabled. Well here’s what happened. I decided to try it out and see if it was intrusive and if anyone would actually click on them (I know I wouldn’t). As it turns out, I felt like the ads cheapened the site and, more importantly, I didn’t receive any clicks on them, so off they went, back to the Stygian depths. So congratulations, internet, you voted with your mouse and got me to stay true to my artistic integrity… for now.
This trumps integrity nine times out of ten
There we go, internet, 100 posts. Sure there are three service announcements and some guest posts in there, but to hell with that; the number says 100 so it was time to celebrate. It has been fun flailing around in a feeble attempt to entertain you these past months. If there are any not made up people with actual “real” questions about the inner workings of the blog, leave a comment and I’ll answer the question. So excelsior to you, internet! You’ve survived my ramblings for longer than I ever would have expected, and I’ll see you at the 200th post.
– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer  

6 thoughts on “100th Post Behind the Scenes Spectacular!

  1. The most exciting moment with my blog was finding out that my Silent Hill 2 post had been tweeted by voice actor Troy Baker. He tweeted it because I wasn't blinded by nostalgia by the change of voice actors and made the legitimate point that the voice acting was considerably better done than the original cast; although I didn't specifically mention Baker's Sunderland, which was also done well. I was very honoured to have been noticed by someone like him. I understand his frustrations with the complaining over the voice acting. That fan reaction is exactly the thing I try to fight against in my blog. There is nothing I hate more than nostalgia holding back improvement.

  2. Why don't you talk more about MMOs! I know diablo 3 is big and all, but I think you need to devote more time to the messiah of modern gaming: Guild Wars 2. That is my question, and, as a loyal reader- I deserve a taco.

  3. Ha, the reason I don't talk much about MMOs is the fact that I put no stock in them at all. MMOs are meant to be played over an extremely long period of time, exclusively, and they factor in social interaction more than any semblance of gameplay. They are video games, but in the same way they are not. I do not have any time for something whose sole purpose is to eat time with repetitive tasks, and I get my social interaction in the real world. That is not to say they cannot be good. Many MMOs are of excellent quality and deserve praise, but they are not anything I will be wasting my time on.In the same vein, Diablo III is a major single-player/co-operative game by Blizzard, who only makes unqualified successes. On the other hand you have Guild Wars 2, which is the sequel to the surprisingly good Guild Wars. One of them WILL be a success, the other MAY have a chance of not being immediately eaten by WoW and Old Republic. Oh, and if I give you a taco, I'll have to give one to everyone. The stash is mine!

  4. I have to say, I have hugely enjoyed your blogs and have found them refreshing, especially after looking at, say gameFAQs forums. Please keep it up!P.S. Your wife probably deserves some of your taco stash.

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