Do we Really Want Final Fantasy Tactics 2?

Final Fantasy Tactics was a SRPG (Strategy RPG) for the original Playstation. It modelled its gameplay and look from Tactics Ogre which was released a year earlier. It is one of the greatest SRPGs ever made and many people consider it to be the finest RPG in general. The reason for this was the addicting mix of fun, Tactics Ogre-style, combat, the traditional Final Fantasy job system, and the narrative. To say Final Fantasy Tactics had a good story would be an amazing understatement. Final Fantasy Tactic’s story would be instantly familiar to anyone who enjoys Game of Thrones. Deep political maneuvering, personal relationships with a fantasy backdrop. The story is strong, dark, and, occasionally, surprising. This is all despite its absolutely atrocious localization (Hint – Play the PSP version. They retranslated it). There have been rumours recently about a sequel to this game coming down the pipeline from Square Enix. The question is: should we want it? One may be tempted to just yell YES as loud as they can, but there are multiple factors to consider when looking at the question. It is more than a simple matter of wanting more of a classic game.

Also the PSP version has WAY better box art. 

When addressing a sequel to a classic game the first question is “will the developers do it any justice”. Listen, I am a firm supporter of Square-Enix to this day. I do not subscribe to the crap theory that the company went downhill after they merged with Enix and I have enjoyed many of their recent outings. However, I don’t think they can do Tactics justice. The reason for this is that they have made two Tactics-esque games since in the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance series. These took the core SRPG gameplay of Tactics Ogre and the job system of Final Fantasy, but wrapped a forgettable and childish story around it. They were both good games, but it was embarrassing that they included the words Tactics as if they simply thought that was enough to ingratiate them with the strongly entrenched Final Fantasy Tactics fanbase. The thing is, these games weren’t bad, nor were they simply cash-ins the way that games such as Chocobo’s Dungeon are. They were well made SRPGs, but they had absolutely none of the magic that made Tactics so great.

At least they had pizza cutter swords

I understand the problems in my argument. There is no reason to say that SE couldn’t come in with a talented team and make a Tactics game that makes us all proud, but then what kind of game do we actually want? Let’s face certain facts. When fanbases push heavily for a sequel to a classic game, they don’t actually want a sequel. What they want is the same game with maybe a couple of tweaks. So what should Tactics 2 even look like? Should SE embrace the retro gaming fever that developers have been getting and make a throwback, or should they endeavour to make something new and exciting? The problem with both approaches is that, inevitably, they both spit in the face of Final Fantasy Tactics fans. Too much change will alienate a fanbase as quickly as revealing that all character actually grew up together in an orphanage. On the other hand, Final Fantasy Tactics was extremely progressive in its storytelling and to stagnate, or simply imitate it would be an affront to its creators and the integrity of the game itself. To put it this way. If you like The Lord of the Rings, you may look down at contemporary fantasy as being derivative and predictable. In the same way, simply imitating the style and substance of the original isn’t enough and doesn’t do justice to the classic.

Above: Not doing justice

Then we get into serious issues with the genre. I have thought that many recent JRPGs have been very good, but let’s not kid ourselves, JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games) are in real, serious trouble. JRPGs suffer from a lack of change and progression that puts the whole genre in danger of losing relevance in today’s market. SRPGs are in considerably more danger than JRPGs. To be fair SRPGs have never made it to the mainstream in the way the JRPGs did during the Playstation 1 era; however, SRPGs have been suffering from total stagnation for much, much longer. As much as I enjoy the genre, it hasn’t evolved at all since Tactics Ogre reinvented it. Even games like Disgaea, which is a spoof of the genre and industry conventions has stagnated to the point that new games do not bring any serious innovation to the table. Very few games have been able to pull themselves out of this, but it does happen. The most progressive SRPG I’ve seen in recent years has been Valkyria Chronicles, which was a game that didn’t use Tactics Ogre or Fire Emblem as a base. Due to this, it played very differently. Unfortunately, it also sold poorly and now we in the west may never see the third instalment.

Did I mention how beautiful it is?

Final Fantasy Tactics already ripped their gameplay off of Tactics Ogre, but that didn’t matter at the time. Tactics Ogre was still new and Final Fantasy Tactics refined the style nicely. However, that was fourteen years ago. It isn’t right that we should get the exact same crappy sprites on the same crappy grid. It was innovative at the time, but now it is old and it doesn’t stand up well. Once again, do you want such a monumental game to get a sequel after a decade and for it to be no different than the original? If they do innovate for the game, which I highly doubt they will, then fans will be angry that they changed their game so much. It is a lose, lose situation that SE is in and maybe it isn’ the best idea for them to play this game. Rereleasing it on the PSP with a brand new translation was the best justice they could do to the original.

I’m sorry for wanting something more than this after fourteen years.

So the fundamental question is “do we really want Final Fantasy Tactics 2”. The answer is of course, yes. However, we must not be blind to the problems that plague releasing sequels of classic games in the genre. If they create another Final Fantasy Tactics, we must be aware that it will almost definitely be derivative. I don’ think it can’t be. At the same time, it will likely show even more how desperately stagnant the genre is. I personally don’t think that anyone can do justice to this game fourteen years after the fact. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t jump at the chance to play it, and that does make me a hypocrite, but aren’t we all.

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


7 thoughts on “Do we Really Want Final Fantasy Tactics 2?

  1. Its a hard sell. As any true blooded gamer, I want my series to continue long after they have been run into the ground, but I think it would be a shame to revive this one.

  2. I don't think so, a game will sell if it is fun, graphical improvement is important but who cares, even if all of the setup are the same. I'll play it, we like fft because it is fft. There's a chance it'll be better but by making obvious changes it'll become another game. graphic wise…… It is possible to improve the graphic and not change anything. all of the hardcore FFT Fan! Really want a FFT Part 2. but SE just keep on producing Advance….. Well, I'm not saying fftA1/2 bad. I love A2 and I know some still prefer A2 over the old one but that's just a small portion of FFT Fans. think FFTA1/2 is better! but that's just small portion. So, think about it. If a FFT Type of story/character Applied to A2. It'll be really freaking AWESOME. FFTA1/2 Lack of seriousness but it sure is more less emo if compare with FFT. Now the bad stuff (Gotta be honest) Story Improvement can be made. All of us should admit it even if we are Hardcore FFT Fan…. The story of RAMZA killed his brother, father died, second brother died, Mother died before game starts, Sister almost died, Best friend became twisted. Ramza sure is an unluckily B****** lol. If it's not so sad and more logic to the story (ramza should sure more emotion when he his brother died/killed by him) I think it'll be the best tactics game ever. No Orlandu, also give ramza a freaking special class which is not too Imba. Okay back to topic, Usually gamers don't care for improvement except visual improvement. If FFT2 is make in a same way with FFT except Visual. Gamer will still play it. Final fantasy 1 – 10, no much changes was made. 4 heroes walk around a freaking big map/world/earth. Encounter monster to train, fight for story and complete the game. It's a continuous Cycle but people just can't stop buying them. Improvement is important but who care if SE made it and we will still buy??? They think making a FFT2 is risking? FFTA1/2 are more risking but people still buy them. They made FFT, to PS1, PS3STORE(I think so?), PSP, IPHONE AND IPAD, no android… pity. People still freaking brought them all. FFT2 If it was made. It'll definitely sell a lot! Sorry if I sound wrong to some of you, I don't just post because I really want a Tactics 2, I post because I freaking really want a tactics 2 and think deeply without any biasness. So thanks people for reading everything 😀 ABOVE WAS JUST WHAT I THINK, NOT TRYING TO PROVE OTHER WRONG BUT TO VOICE OUT FOR US! ["THE HARDCORE FFT FAN WHO WANTS A FFT2"]

  3. I agree with you. I definitely want Tactics 2 as well. I worry about certain aspects such as how competently the game would be, but make no mistake, I, as well as any sane person, would pay good money for a Tactics 2. The real risk is that they will take the property that people love so much and make it worse with some really bad story decisions in the way that Parasite Eve fans are still reeling from The 3rd Birthday. I disagree with the fact that Final Fantasy games from 1-10 are at all similar in style, but I agree with you that Tactics 2 doesn't necessarily NEED innovation to be good. The only problem with lack of innovation is that it might make the game seem stale. Sure, nostalgia's a kick and I would love it just for that, but a games such as Tactics deserves better than simply relying on nostalgia to sell. Of course they could give us an incredibly refined version of the SRPG genre, which would be excellent.All of that being said, as I pointed out, the main counter to my argument is that a good team of talented people can make any game good. They can turn the most mundane concept into a revolutionary game. I worry sometimes about resurrecting old series, but these games are certainly not doomed. Even the mediocre ones can still be good. For example: for all of its many, many faults, I still like The 3rd Birthday and am currently playing through it for like the fifteenth time (Short game. I'm not that obsessive about it) on the Vita.One thing we can all agree on is that if we get a sequel in the same Tactics Ogre style, the sprites better be in HD.

  4. Yup I would love to have a FFT2, cmon pokemon sold hell lot of copies. Nostalgia sure will made it sell. To be honest, in all pokemon series…. From red, blue and green to now Black and white. The only thing that changes was the character and the graphic. However People still buy them. If FFT2 changes too much, people would lost the nostalgic feels. Cmon SE, FFT is a game which attract players play multiple time….. I played over 10 times, complete and re-complete. I just don't know what happened with FFT, I just can't stop re-playing. SE, FFT2 will be a MONEY LOOTER!!! GO FOR IT!!! If FFT2 is in VITA I'll buy vita just for FFT2. I'm that extreme. FFT2 my fav game of all time!!! I start to think that, maybe FFT2 was not out because Yasumi Matsuno was not in action. SE might not be able to create a good FFT2 because "Yasumi Matsuno" is not around. I still hope there will be a FFT2. [ALSO, ABOVE WAS JUST MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS.]

  5. I am mostly glad that i added disgaea 4 to my very selective collection but i can still say with confidence that it pales in comparison as an overall game. though e gaming industry hasnt got completelly out of hand like the music industy it still seems to be going that way with all the cut and paste cookie cutter money grabbing games these days. i still pick up these old games and am crying for more like FFT and SECRET OF MANA.

  6. Final Fantasy Tactics was amazing. It was one of the first games I played as a child and actually made most other strategy games seem dull by comparison. I too would be fine with a nostalgia-filled Tactics 2. Whether they did a direct sequel of what happens in Ivalice after Tactics or what happens to Ramza and Alma when they leave. Heck I would even love a prequel that takes place during the 50 year war right before it or relevant to Ajora's time and church overthrowing. They'd get my money for Final Fantasy Tactics 2/origins/whatever because Final Fantasy Tactics is still my favorite game and nothing will change that.

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