Lead up to E3 2012: Nintendo

Hey there internet! The Electronic Entertainment Expo (“E3”) is coming up, so the next three updates are going to be covering the big three as they gear up for the show. What we’re going to do is look at what the company should do, what it shouldn’t do and what we want it to do. The last section is more of a pipe dream section that will likely have no chance of making it to the event. Today we are going to be looking at Nintendo. Of all of the companies going to E3, Nintendo has the most to prove. The 3DS has been gaining momentum despite all of the cries for failure in its early days (Think about that, Vita disparagers), but most of the announced games have come out or are about to. Then there is Nintendo’s new console: the Wii U. As the only confirmed next gen console coming to E3, Nintendo has a lot to show in order to motivate the wallets of its legion of fans. Well without further ado, let’s get started.

Like Sega, but without the stench of failure.

What Nintendo Should Do: 3DS

It is safe to call the 3DS a success at this point. It has been a long time since people claimed that it had no games or that it was a system for ports alone. It is very important for Nintendo to keep that momentum going. Due to Nintendo’s strategic brilliance, they were able to leverage a Monster Hunter release into a catastrophic Japanese Vita launch, but the Vita will catch up as its lineup improves. Due to that, Nintendo really has to bring out the heavy hitters or they could fall behind (Well not behind, but less of a crushing lead). Obviously Nintendo needs to push out its core franchises like Zelda and Mario, but it needs to do more. When the Vita gets enough games to be a threat, there will be a huge power gap. Nintendo has weathered such a gap many times before and they are going to need to do it again. What they need to do is highlight the 3DS’ unique features. Very few, if any, games have properly showcased the 3D potential of the system and that needs to change. Nintendo can’t be lazy like they were with the Wii and only release a game that properly uses the system’s features at the end of its life cycle (Skyward Sword).

Please don’t just announce new colours.

What Nintendo Should Do: Wii

Simply put: stay the course. Nintendo let the Wii die over a year ago now. Even though The Last Story and Xenoblade are good releases, the real support ended quite awhile ago. This is what Nintendo should be doing. They started the death march too early, but if they announce any exciting titles for the Wii, all they will be doing is sabotaging the Wii U. So goodbye Wii. You were not nearly as good as you had the chance of being.


What Nintendo Should Do: Wii U

To say that the Wii U flopped last E3 would be an understatement. No real gameplay or specs were shown and many people left the conference thinking that it was just another peripheral for the Wii. Nintendo has promised that the system would cater to more hardcore gamers and they need to show that. At this point they’ve announced many multiplatform releases, some of which that have been out for awhile like Arkham City, and they need to go a lot further. Nintendo needs to show us that they have enough third party support for exclusive new IPs. If developers feel they can take a chance on the new hardware, then gamers will feel more at ease about supporting it. The games don’t have to be out at launch. Look at Metal Gear Solid 4. Many gamers bought a PS3 for this game, and it sure took its time. In short, the Wii U needs to be very impressive to get gamers to advance to the next generation early.

At least the touchscreen is gaming proven technology.

What Nintendo Shouldn’t Do

I don’t need to have three paragraphs on this as it applies to all of them. Nintendo is known for two things: innovation and playing it too safe. The Wii was a great innovation with its touch controllers, but Nintendo’s first party games steadfastly refuse to evolve. What Nintendo can’t afford to do is be conservative. They need to get people energized or the Wii U will flop. Speaking of the Wii U, Nintendo needs to back up its statement that it is catering to hardcore gamers. If all we get is another edition of Wii Sports or Music, Nintendo will have failed. It doesn’t matter if the games are good, Nintendo has to impress upon viewers, developer and gamer alike, that they are in this to win and compete with the big boys. Nintendo sat this generation out by marching to their own drum, if they want to reverse this, they have to start acting differently.

Hint – Don’t act like this.

What We Want Nintendo to Do:

This is an easy question: change the name of the Wii U. The Wii U has one of the worst names in gaming history. It is stupid sounding of course, but it is so much worse than that. Nintendo wants to capture hardcore audiences, and naming the system after the system that alienated Nintendo’s hardcore fans is just plain stupid. At the same time, casual fans of the Wii who don’t know anything about the industry will assume that it is just another peripheral for the Wii, which is exactly what happened last year. The name is ineffective for every audience around, and immediately puts Nintendo at a disadvantage. Short of a name change for the Wii U, what fans want are games and plenty of them. If the Wii U was the first Nintendo console since the N64 to have a Mario game at launch, that would mean a lot for fans. If the 3DS was able so secure some great third party support, like Square Enix, maybe with a Final Fantasy V and VI remake, fans from all countries would flock to the system.

Make it happen, Nintendo

Nintendo is in a very precarious position. This E3 will likely determine the fate of the Wii U. If Nintendo is able to deliver a great show, the Wii U could flourish. If they end up showing a lot of crap, then fans may stick with their perfectly good PS3/360s. They are in danger, but Nintendo also has a unique opportunity to capture the market. Being first to the next generation is a big deal and if they are able to gain momentum with both the Wii U and the 3DS, possibly with some surprise announcements, then they could totally dominate the next generation. Of course at this point we don’t even know how powerful the Wii U will be. So sound off, internet. Let me know what you think about Nintendo’s chances this year. Are they going to pull it off, or are they going to fall flat on their face?

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


5 thoughts on “Lead up to E3 2012: Nintendo

  1. I really hope Nintendo pulls something out of its bag of tricks this year. Seriously. If they even mention a FF VI remake on anything they have, I'm pretty sure Satan and Jesus will get the systems.

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