Lead up to E3 2012: Sony

Today is our last post leading up to E3, as I’m not going to be looking at individual developers or indulging in any kind of speculation over the Steam Box. Today, we are going to be looking at Sony. Nintendo has the most to prove with two new platforms, Microsoft can take it easy, but should stop sitting on its hands, and Sony is a mix between the two. The PS3 is an older system with an established fanbase and there isn’t too much that Sony can do about that. On the other hand, the Vita is brand new and most of its big name games have come out, leading people to wonder what’s next (Other than Persona 4: The Golden, which is worth the price of the Vita on its own… just saying)? With a console that could best be described as a show horse and a handheld that is in desperate need of some attention, Sony is up there with Nintendo as a very interesting watch this year at E3. As with the last two entries, we are going to be looking at what Sony should do, what Sony shouldn’t do, and what we want it to do, with the last category being more of a pipe dream style wish list.

Homer: Pfft.  I know a genuine Panaphonics when I see it.  And look, there's 
a Magnetbox and Sorny

What Sony Should Do: PS3

Is it safe to call the PS3 a massive success now? Despite its difficult history, the PS3 has overcome huge obstacles in its climb to third place out of three. Now over the past three years, Sony has been pushing the PS3 with bigger and better things. While Microsoft has been busy with Kinect and Nintendo has been rolling around in their Wii money gazing worrisomely at the barbarians at the gates, Sony has been building momentum like crazy. They have been acquiring new studios and establishing their first party base, which is something Microsoft has never done, and Nintendo hasn’t needed to since the Super Nintendo. This year at E3 we need to see more of this. Sony has rarely disappointed with its exclusives and that is what we need to see. Like the 360, Sony’s support of the PS3 is important in showing gamers that they shouldn’t abandon the system and simply wait for the next generation. Of course Sony needs to show new IP exclusives whenever possible, but more than either of the other companies, it is in Sony’s best interest to show us more of the same. Sony is trying to establish its first party games, and in order to do that properly, they need constant, excellent releases (Sorry Resistance: Burning Skies). Throw in a couple of surprises and Sony will be set to dominate this years E3 the same way it has the past couple of years.

Impressive first party list and growing… also ignore Snake there.

What Sony Should Do: The Vita

While we can all say the PS3 is a success, the Vita is struggling. Of course this is easily explained by the fact that it is in its first year, is overshadowed by the 3DS, and it is the successor to the PSP, which never even came close to the DS’s sales and is still considered the best handheld Nintendo competitor. The Vita along with the Wii U is going to be the most exciting part of this year’s E3. Sony has a lot to prove with the insanely powerful under-performer. What Sony needs to do is blindside fans with a whole host of big name games. In order to succeed Sony needs two things: remakes and exciting new IPs. Remakes, as much as everyone hates them, push systems and that is paramount. New IPs give owners something to talk about. It already looks like Soul Sacrifice could step up in a big way on this front, but Sony needs to do more. The reason Nintendo was able to tank the Vita’s Japanese launch was Monster Hunter, and the Vita needs a similarly huge game to really push its sales up. If Sony can get the Vita’s sales up and repeat, or surpass the PSP’s run, we might get some truly amazing games this handheld generation. 

Some people need more than this game? Very strange.

What Sony Shouldn’t Do

For the PS3, the main thing Sony shouldn’t do is rest. It is hard to see Microsoft pulling a Kinect-based E3 three years in a row, and if Microsoft is able to push, Sony needs to be able to push back. With the next generation nigh, it is easy to see why both Sony and Microsoft may want to put more resources into that, but right now they both need to really bring their all for this generation, because if one of them doesn’t and the other one does, the one that does will get a major advantage. Another problem Sony could run into is if it is deficient in announcements. With big games such as Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (Name still sucks) and Soul Sacrifice already revealed, it wouldn’t be hard to see this being one of those years where big announcements are few and far between and all of the time is spent looking at games we already knew about. The worst thing that could happen to the Vita would be more console ports. The Vita is a great system , but PS3 console ports have put it in competition with the last thing it should be competing with. Of course the worst thing Sony could do would be to announce a new system; however, this is unlikely as they’ve promised they wouldn’t… of course we were also promised no Twisted Metal at last year’s E3 and we all know how that turned out. 

I swear guys, Twisted Metal isn’t coming to E3

What We Want Sony to Do

Final Fantasy VII remake? In all seriousness, there is a lot to wish for this year for Sony. One very particular thing that would be an incredibly nice move is fully transferable HD Remakes. With the Vita getting the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, it would be nice if gamers were simply able to transfer the games they already bought instead of needing to double dip. In that same vein, Sony needs to allow the Vita to play Playstation 1 and 2 classics. They promised to do this awhile ago, but have made no mention of it since. It would be really nice too if Sony didn’t mention Playstation Move a single time in its conference. It already practically abandoned the technology. Now it is time to give it an informal burial.

I’ve got this baby on the PS3 waiting to bring it home to Vita

This year’s E3 is going to be very exciting for all of the Big 3. We get to see if Sony can build the same kind of momentum they built with the PS3 on the Vita. We finally get to see if the Wii U is a full next gen system or somewhere in between the real next gen and current gen. Finally, we get to see if Microsoft makes a fool of itself three years in a row with Kinect, or if it will surprise everybody with competency. I will be covering E3 as it develops so keep viewing.

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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