Major Wii U Announcements Do Not Disappoint

Good news, internet. Nintendo has finally lifted the curtain of secrecy on nearly everything related to the Wii U. Tuesday’s post was all about what Nintendo needs to do in order to make the Wii U a success based on all of their promises and speculation, most of which was not supported by evidence or numbers. Sure, Nintendo told us they were working on third party support, but they mostly showed a series of old ports with no release dates. Now we have far more information about how serious they were about their goals. With pricing, release dates, launch games, launch window games, exclusives, and accessories, we are in much better shape discussing the future of Nintendo’s console. There are still some mysteries surrounding it, but Nintendo has set themselves up very well for a successful holiday push, and the Wii U could sell incredibly well. So today, we are going to be looking at Nintendo’s announcements and analyzing what they mean for the console.

Everything looks better with photoshop!
The most obvious announcements are the price and release date, so we’ll deal with those first. There will be two bundles available. Firstly there is the basic bundle that has 8GB of space and all of the basics (Gamepad, cords etc). This will retail at $299 US. The other bundle is the premium console, which comes with 32 GB of space, Nintendo Land, stands for the gamepad and a Nintendo Network Premium subscription that will give a discount on digital purchases. This will retail at $349 US. There is literally no reason to buy the basic console. For $50 more you get a huge amount of bonuses. If you intend to use the console in any way shape or form, the premium console is the way to go. The massive space upgrade alone is worth it. Nintendo Land alone is worth it. Putting them both together and giving a bonus for Nintendo’s e-shop makes the premium a very easy pick, which is too bad for those who wanted a white console. 
Seriously, don’t buy the one on the left.
Most awkward threesome ever
The pricing and the timing both put Nintendo in a very strong position to sell their system. November 18th, 30th or December 8th depending on the country are all excellent release dates. All of these dates are close enough to Christmas to make the Wii U a major holiday item, but far enough away that everyone can go out and buy one before hand. The price is just icing on the cake. Priced, at minimum, a mere $50 more than the Vita or 3DS at launch, the Wii U has an incredibly attractive price point, which will make it far easier to convince people to buy it this holiday season. It shouldn’t take very much to make the Wii U the big ticket item this holiday season, which will give it an amazing bump in its user base.
One of the highlights of E3 at launch.
Of the launch games, three are worth mentioning as they aren’t ports. The New Super Mario Bros. U, while predictable, makes the Wii U the first Nintendo console since the Nintendo 64 to launch with a Mario game. Nintendo Land looks like it will show off all of the best features of the Wii U, while being a great show of Nintendo’s biggest strength: its franchises. Finally, Ubisoft’s much anticipated ZombiU is the real star of the show, as a major new IP from a third party developer. These are definitely three games worth owning for each and every Wii U user. On top of these games, there are several ports such as Mass Effect 3 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2. These will likely already have been bought by gamers for other systems, but their inclusion is still a major step in the right direction for Nintendo, who hasn’t been as lucky with third parties as… well everyone else. In Japan, Nintendo has assured major sales by bundling a Monster Hunter game with the system, so it looks like the Wii U could start very strong sales wise. 
Like crack for the Japanese.
More exciting than the last 2 years of E3
Of course the biggest shock at Nintendo’s event was the revelation of Bayonetta 2, not just that the game exists, but, more impressively, that it will be an exclusive to the Wii U. This is almost earth shattering. Bayonetta is the greatest action game ever made (Not an opinion), and Platinum Studios is one of the major rising stars out there among developers. Scoring an exclusive sequel to Bayonetta is as big of a steal as Microsoft bringing Final Fantasy XIII multiplatform. It is a major deal, and it WILL push many, many consoles among the hardcore crowd, meaning that Nintendo’s promise to focus more on the core gamers may have actually been true after all.
A surprise that has not been widely publicized, but is actually one of the biggest announcements coming out of Nintendo’s event, is the transferability between the Wii and Wii U console. That is right, internet. If you bought anything off of the virtual console on the Wii, you can transfer it all onto the Wii U. This is a huge deal. No console has ever allowed this level of digital transfers before. Nintendo has done it with its handhelds, but this is a major surprise, in light of the fact that Sony hasn’t even gotten their shit together enough to allow Vita owners to play all PS1 Classics yet. 
Why won’t this work on the Vita, Sony?!
One strange downside to Nintendo’s event is the announcement that additional gamepads will not be available in North America. The reasoning makes sense at first blush. No game at launch will support more than one gamepad. However, the problem lies with broken gamepads. If you remember the Wii launch, broken televisions led to some pretty negative publicity. Now imagine broken gamepads. Even if they are simply defective, there won’t be any available to replace them Basically, any problem will result in the required purchase of a new Wii U, or requiring Nintendo to send a new gamepad. While not the end of the world, it could result in some pretty bad press, which could hamper the holiday takeover.
There is pretty much no reason not to buy the Wii U anymore.
Nintendo really brought their A game this time. While the possible graphical limitations are still somewhat worrisome, there is very little else to be worried about. Nintendo promised more third party support, and now we have a plethora of ports and a major new IP at launch. Nintendo promised to cater to the core audience, and now we have an exclusive Bayonetta 2. Nintendo Land takes care of the casuals, transferring gives major incentives to trade up, and the price is very competitive (especially with no competition yet). All in all, Nintendo really delivered, and, for once, I am very impressed with the Wii U. 
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