Five Things that Gamers Want, But Will Never Get

If you have been around the internet ever, you know that gamers are an entitled bunch. We always want more and we will complain endlessly even if we are being catered to. Most companies try to cater to fans, just look at the total restructuring of Final Fantasy XIII-2, or Bioware changing the ending for Mass Effect 3. However, there are times that no matter what the fan reaction is, developers are simply not going to be listening to fans. This of course often leads to fan outrage and constant and irrational hatred for companies or practices. For example, every bit of Final Fantasy news leads to a segment of gamers yelling at the top of their lungs for a Final Fantasy VII remake, and how simple and how much of a good idea it would be to remake it, even though they don’t actually know anything related to making games. So today we are going to be looking at five instances of things fans clamour for that they have to readjust their expectations.

This happens 56 million times a minute on the internet.

5.) Pokemon on Consoles

Every single Pokemon game from the very first release of Red and Blue has been met by fans who would rather a console release. The arguments are simple: why don’t they make a 3D Pokemon game, Skyrim + Pokemon = Win, you would make so much money, etc. So many people are perplexed that Nintendo remains adamant that Pokemon will remain exclusively on handhelds. However, the reason is very simple and makes perfect sense. Nintendo has dominated every single handheld generation. They know the game, and know it well. Nintendo knows that keeping major franchises exclusively handheld will sell their systems. Sony is finding this out the hard way, as the Vita is flooded with PS3 ports and people are just buying the PS3 version of the game and ignoring the Vita. By ensuring major releases like Pokemon stay on handhelds, Nintendo ensures a whole range of gamers will continue to buy their systems.

No, games like Pokemon Stadium doesn’t count. Main series or death.

4.) Old School Resident Evil

This one is pretty relevant right now in light of the Resident Evil 6 controversy. Go to any Resident Evil 6 forum and you will find a huge amount of fans exalting pre-Resident Evil 4 games, and explaining to all who will listen that every post-Resident Evil 4 game is awful. This begs the question as to why Capcom doesn’t simply abandon the new formula and go back to the old school Resident Evils. This situation is a classic example of a vocal minority. The new Resident Evils are so popular that even the heavily criticized Resident Evil 6 sold 4.5 million copies in no time at all. At the same time, older Resident Evils were heavily criticized for lacking innovation and the series wasn’t doing so well at the release of Code Veronica. While I love the old survival horror Resident Evil games, the simple fact is that money talks, and a mainstream game sells more than a niche game. Capcom has said that they would remake Resident Evil 2 if they got enough fan support, but they said the same thing about Mega Man Legends 3 and we all know how that turned out.

Yes, I would kill for a Resident Evil 2 version of this.

3.) No Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII was a major disappointment to a huge number of fans of the series. It was inconsistent and some baffling design choices made it through to the final game. Square listened to fan complaints and attempted to address all of them in XIII-2 with varying success. However, a large portion of gamers had already given up on the series because of XIII, or even before and these gamers are very angry that Square is spending the time making XIII games instead of releasing Versus, or Kingdom Hearts 3. The problem is that XIII-2 ended in a cliffhanger. While XIII-2 was certainly not necessary as XIII was stand alone, Lightning Returns is necessary to tie up loose ends. Couple this with the fact that there actually are a large number of XIII fans who would be extremely upset if Square just swept the story and characters they grew to love under a rug, and you have a very good reason that Lightning Returns deserves to exist.

Fans deserve to experience an end. People would be equally pissed off if Metal Gear Solid 4 never happened.

2.) No DLC!

It is time to face facts that DLC is a fact of life in gaming. No it doesn’t mean that all gaming is going down the drain. Some DLC is great and some is a horrible waste of money. Some companies extend their game with DLC, and some gouge gamers and sell them unfinished games. However, even with the abuses DLC is here to stay. Once again, money is the principle factor. DLC makes a huge amount of money for developers. Nintendo released its first batch of DLC ever for The New Super Mario Bros. 2, and they, as a company, are horribly backwards when it comes to anything related to the internet. If Nintendo is on board, it is time to face facts that complaining, memes, and petitions will not change DLC. These can affect DLC policies, such as Capcom’s on the disk DLC policy, which they have promised to cut out, but they aren’t going to be getting rid of the practice itself.

Yes, this is a horrible thing to exist, but you are going to need to live with it.

1.) No More Catering to the Casual Crowd

We hardcore gamers have to face facts that we aren’t even close to the majority anymore, and, consequently, our opinions mean less than they used to. Gamers who only play a couple of games a year, or who simply game infrequently are the big emerging market. This is why games such as Call of Duty, and Madden can release a nearly identical game every year, and they still break sales records, while amazing games such as Journey struggle to find an audience. The core audience will always be important, but we aren’t the only audience anymore. We have to realize this and accept that casual games are simply going to happen, and no company is simply going to abandon the casual market to cater to niche interests. You know what, I hate Kinect, the Wii’s motion controls, sports games, etc, but these things bring in money, at least at first, and it is unlikely that developers will stop trying new things to bring in casuals. They are a huge market and can generate a lot of money. As long as developers don’t rely on them to stick around, catering to them, to some extent, makes sense.

Then again, catering to the casual crowd caused this crime against humanity, so I don’t know…

In the next year, I will read countless posts on message boards or comments sections complaining about one thing or another, and undercutting the work of developers. It isn’t that these complaints aren’t valid, or that nobody ever makes sense through complaining, but sometimes, they are simply not smart ideas, or not ideas that any company concerned with profits would actually follow. Sure this means that sometimes we won’t get what we want and, as a fellow entitled gamer, I lament that as much as you, but maybe we shouldn’t always get what we want.

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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