Amazing Final Fantasy Medleys

As I’m extremely busy, here is a wonderful copout post, which lets me feel like I’m not cancelling. Today I want to highlight one person: Marc Papeghin. He has been steadily going through the Final Fantasy series and making breathtaking medleys for each of them, which is more impressive because of his extreme competence with the material. As of the date of this post, he has done one for Final Fantasy VI, IX, and V, but he is still active, and has said in the comments that he has aspirations to cover the entire series, so you should definitely keep watch. There are some popular tracks missing such as Battle on the Big Bridge, but there are also tracks that are very rarely covered. I have seen many instrumentals, remixes and the like for Final Fantasy music, but Marc Pepeghin truly does the best job. So today, I’m posting the the Final Fantasy V medleys as it’s the most recent, and I can’t get the other two to embed properly, but you should definitely check the other two out. If you are as impressed with them as I am, you should keep an eye on his Youtube channel.

Above: Something you won’t find in this post.

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer

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