Law School is a Harsh Mistress

Hi there, internet. The bad news is that exam time has been cannibalizing all of my time, and I’ve finally hit the point that I have to go on hiatus. Unfortunately, this means cancelling more than a few posts.

So, think of this as me going on vacation. I’ll see you on Saturday April 27th, where I’ll resume my regular schedule.


3 thoughts on “Law School is a Harsh Mistress

  1. I always wanted to comment more, but thus far every time I tried it prompted me with logging into a google account that I could never remember the information for, then deleting everything I had just written. I do read regularly though, and share with friends posts that really stand out. You are my almost primary source for video game news and culture, second only to IGN and I seriously consider your opinion when looking for new games and considering news. Again, your posts make my days, and I thank you for continuing in spite of limited audience because it's something you are clearly passionate about. Please don't stop, and I wish you everything you hope to get from all this and more.

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