Dragon’s Crown Controversy Copout

Polygon, a website that very few people even go to posted a review criticizing the new brawler, Dragon’s Crown, for being sexist. This has led to an insane backlash from the community who will not tolerate the word sexist (See last Saturday’s post). I was going to write a post about the insane amount of reaction to the Dragon’s Crown art style, but I fortunately don’t have to. The most recent Jimquisition from Destructoid’s Jim Sterling summed up my opinions of the whole matter very neatly. It primarily deals with gamer and media reaction to the whole event and how people just need to calm down. It’s good advice. When people stop having such amazing knee jerk reactions to everything, a discussion can actually occur. At this point, the vitriol is so thick that even the mention of the controversy is enough to spawn an endless wave of screams from angry fanboys.

Yes, I will keep making this joke

Jim Sterling gets a lot of flak from gamers for a multitude of reasons, but I can’t help but feel that he is one of the sanest video game celebrities out there. Since he did my job for me, here is his first video on the controversy, which I dug up on Youtube while trying to find the second:

And, since I can’t find a video to embed for the second one, here’s the link:

Jimquisition: Dragon’s Frown – Destructoid

Sorry for the copout, internet, but if I made a blog post on this subject, I’d be plagiarizing. The controversy over Dragon’s Crown is ridiculous, not because it’s a controversy, but because of how people are dealing with it.

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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