Poll Results – Wii U on Top

There we go, internet, the first poll of the week. Sure we only had a meagre turn out of three people, but that’s not going to stop the practice in the future. The Wii U won last week’s poll as being the next gen console of choice for two out of the three people who took the poll. The last person voted for the PS4. Truthfully, I’m a little relieved to see no Xbox One votes, as I don’t have any intention of picking that system up, and it would be unfortunate if my readership preferred it.

Who's doomed now?

Who’s doomed now?

So we solute you, Wii U, and the fact that Super Mario 3D World has been getting better reviews than anything on either system.

This week’s poll shall be to commemorate another major Nintendo release: A Link Between Worlds. So get out there, three, and hopefully more people, and vote on what your favourite handheld Zelda is.

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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