Poll Results – Small Packages and All…

Hello there, internet. Our second poll had a higher turnout than last week, which is progress. The question was what you’re favourite handheld Zelda game. Handheld Zelda games are always interesting. They tend to be far more innovative than console Zelda games. Link’s Awakening brought a whole new experience involving trading items, shifting inventories, and merging Mario characters. The Oracle games took the systems brought out in Link’s Awakening, but tied them to a Link to the Past-style world changing ability. Four Swords is still the only multiplayer Zelda. Phantom Hourglass had a singular hub dungeon, Spirit Tracks had that train, and A Link Between Worlds has an item buying and renting system. That leads us to our winner.

With 50% of the vote, Minish Cap took the top place, with Link’s Awakening and Spirit tracks taking up 25% each. This was pretty surprising to me. I enjoyed Minish Cap, but I always considered it one of the lesser Zelda games, right along with Spirit Tracks. But what do I know? The audience has spoken and Minish Cap is number one. Being the last Gameboy Advance Zelda title, it managed to pack together a unique story and game in ways that Four Swords never really did, though at the expense of multiplayer. So congratulations, Minish Cap.





Next week’s poll relates to all of the Persona news we received last week. So put your Jack Frost hat on and enjoy.

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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