Poll Results – Looks Like it’s Time to Dance

This week’s poll had a pretty good turnout. The question was “What Announced Persona Game Are you Most Looking Forward To?” With 75% of the vote, Persona 4: Dancing All Night was the big winner, with Persona 5 trailing in second place with the remaining 25%. If I were to guess the reason behind Persona 5’s seeming lack of popularity, it would be because so little was shown in the teaser, and it’s hard to get excited over a few chairs.

I must admit, it’s a bit surprising that a dance spin-off game garnered so many more votes than the long-anticipated Persona 5. Nevertheless, the countless hours I spent on Final Fantasy Theatrhythm is evidence enough that there is still a market for music and rhythm games even in our post-guitar hero crash world.

Persona Q received no votes. That’s understandable due to its seemingly non-cannon spin-off nature. That being said, I assumed the extreme cuteness of the characters would charm at least one voter.

Finally, the Persona 4 Arena sequel also has no votes. I chock this up to the fact that a sequel only adding a few characters isn’t nearly as exciting as everything else that was announced.


Next week’s poll will be asking what each of you think is your individual game of the year.

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