Poll Results – 3DS Domination

The poll this week asked what your 2013 game of the year was. I always find it odd when review sites, or shows in the case of the abominably named VGXs, segregate handheld and non-handheld games when delivering their game of the year announcement. Many handheld games are fully capable of standing toe-to-toe with their console or PC counterparts. For example, I would rate Pokemon X/Y and Fire Emblem Awakening head and shoulders against front running The Last of Us. Therefore, I put the handhelds in the ring with the big boys, and it seem like my readership agrees with me. With almost 77% of the vote, Pokemon X/Y took your game of the year, with Fire Emblem Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV coming in second and third place. Truthfully, I found these results surprising, but generally welcome.

Pokemon X/Y is easily the best game the series has produced in years and the same can be said with Fire Emblem Awakening as far as I’m concerned. Both stand as two of the best games on the system, and both have proven that handheld games can be just as complex and engaging as console or PC gams. I will reserve my own game of the year post until after the holiday season when I’ve had a chance to play some of the remaining contenders.


For next week’s poll, I’m interested what my readership actually thinks about the Wii U. It has undoubtably struggled in its first year. Is it doomed to a fate worse than Gamecube, or will it spring back?

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4 thoughts on “Poll Results – 3DS Domination

  1. I like pokemon X&Y but I find that it drags at the end. I found fire emblem so enthralling and fun even after I beat it. And I enjoyed playing it again, and let a lot of my friends borrow it. Pokemon is the best of the series, but I would never put a pokemon game as game of the year. They’re great, and fun but there always seems to be something missing. Challenge? Story? Innovation? Perhaps a combination of each.

    • I generally would not place Pokemon at the top either. It is mostly to do with innovation. I tend to see game of the year as being something both of high quality and surprise. While refinements can lead to a surprise, Pokemon X/Y played it safe even with all of the excellent work Gamefreak did to make the formula feel fresh.

  2. Fate worse than Gamecube? What do you mean? I mean, I loved the Gamecube, but I was 11-17 during its life, so I didn’t pay attention to the sales.

    • The Gamecube is usually heralded as the least successful of Nintendo’s main consoles. I thought of using Virtual Boy in that line, but comparing the Wii U to the Virtual Boy is simply insulting. Nevertheless, the comparison wasn’t about quality, only financial success.

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