Poll Results – We Don’t Want Your Old Games

This week’s poll asked whether PS3/360 upscales should be sold at full price. 71.43% of you voted that you aren’t happy with the practice of reselling old games in any way. The remainder of you were all right with remastering old games as long as enough content was added.

Since this week’s post is heavily related to this topic, I don’t have much to add. My general opinion is that there is always something a developer can do to make a game worth re-buying. Whether it’s porting it to a handheld, or practically remaking it. However, the upscales as we have seen so far do not seem to be added a particularly large amount of content, and the price leaves much to be desired.

I have no relevant picture!!!

I have no relevant picture!!!

Next week’s poll is unrelated to any particular controversy, simply a question as to what Final Fantasy you’d like to seem remade the most, with the ones which have been remade already not included in the poll

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer

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