Poll Results – It Turns out Final Fantasy VII is Popular. Who Knew?

This week’s poll asked you what Final Fantasy game is in the most need of a remake. I excluded the first four games in the series as they have all been remade already as well as the MMOs because I don’t know why you’d bother. The clear winner with 57% of the vote was Final Fantasy VII, with Final Fantasy V and XII taking the second and third spot respectively. The reason I asked this question is because with every Final Fantasy related news there is a large segment of the forum-going populace crying for a remake of one of Square’s older games, usually VII. At one point, Square was happy to remake its games, all the way until Final Fantasy IV. However, not long after, they started really pushing their mobile phone division and porting games became far more profitable than remaking them. Because of this, we haven’t heard anything of a remake for a long time.


Final Fantasy V, voted second by you, makes sense to remake. The visuals are dated and, more importantly, it was next in line for being remade before Square suddenly stopped. V is probably the most overlooked Final Fantasy game out there. It has an impressive job system, which gives it insane replayability. Unfortunately, its characters are terrible outside of the ever-loved Gilgamesh. A little fleshing out (and fewer instances of Faris screaming PAPA!) could do wonders the same way the Final Fantasy III remake added actual characters to the Onion Knights.

Final Fantasy XII, voted third by you, also makes sense. Not to actually remake mind you, but to provide an HD remake. With X and X-2 finally coming out soon, XII is left as one of the only Final Fantasy games not available on current generation hardware. An HD remake only makes sense. XII also received a directors cut in the Zodiac Edition, which greatly improved the gameplay. I’d pay full price alone in order to get my hands on that copy, the same way I’m all over the international versions of X and X-2

Finally, there is VII. Love it, or just hate the fans, Final Fantasy VII is easily in most need of a remake. This isn’t because it’s the best or anything like that. The reason is that every other Final Fantasy has graphics that work. VI has beautiful sprites, VIII and IX finally reach the point where you can see what they’re going for. But VII is a blocky mess. Using graphics that were dated almost immediately, Final Fantasy VII looks horrible and would benefit from an update more than any other Final Fantasy. Of course, that’s just my view.

Next week I’ll ask you the rather uninspired question as to what first quarter game you’re most looking forward to.

Until next time.

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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