Poll Results – To Bravely Go

This week’s poll asked what Q1 game you were most looking forward to. With 80% of the vote, Bravely Default took the top spot, while the capper to the must maligned Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, took the rest of the vote. So, go Square-Enix


It’s understandable as to why Bravely Default won. Being heralded as the best Square-Enix game in years as well as being considered the spiritual successor to the classic Final Fantasy formula, the game has been getting nothing but rave reviews. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s on the wildly popular 3DS, which has managed to accrue a fairly loyal fan base of JRPG fans over the past few years.

The other winner (though only by a single vote so take it with a grain of salt) is more of a surprise. Though I’ve always defended the XIII series’ right to exist, the majority opinion is definitively in the negative. Nevertheless, Lightning Returns is trying a lot of new ideas and has been getting tons of good new coverage. Whether this will translate to it shrugging off some of the hate the series has garnered has yet to be seen.

For next week’s poll, I’m interested in your opinion on the new Steam Machines.

Until next time.

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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