Poll Results – What are you Doing Valve?

Last week’s poll asked for opinions on the upcoming Steam Machines. With 100% of the vote, you said that you didn’t understand what market Steam Machines are going for. This is an understandable result. Steam Machines aren’t consoles. They don’t have unique features, exclusives, and most of them are significantly more expensive than regular consoles. The modding capability is nice, but defeats the ease and convenience of owning a console. At the same time, there’s no way a Steam Machine appeals to PC gamers. They already have access to Steam, can hook up their PCs on monitors with controller support, and their rigs can be stronger for cheaper than what’s being offered. In reality, the only possible market is the console market, and I just don’t see gamers flocking to expensive Steam Machines when they don’t really offer anything other than Steam. Don’t get me wrong, I like Steam, but my non-gaming laptop can play every game I need without issue.

I just finished writing about how diversity is good in the marketplace in relation to Nintendo, but I don’t see Steam Machines in the same light. They don’t add anything. All they are is streamlined PC shells that will flood the market all at once, providing no difference. If these Steam Machines are a massive success, then the gaming world will be completely at the mercy of Valve through their Steam service. And, as great as Valve is, I don’t like single companies having that much power.

I don't trust that controller either.

I don’t trust that controller either.

Next week’s poll will be asking whether or not you play one of gaming’s biggest e-sports.

Until next time

-Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer

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