Poll Results – DLC Invictus!

This week’s poll asked what kind of DLC you preferred with an option for voicing how much you hate DLC. Nobody took that option and the poll results were split evenly between people who only endorsed story-based DLC, and those who enjoy various different kinds. Truthfully, I expected at least a couple of people to denounce the evils of DLC. It just goes to show how much DLC has become a standard part of the video game industry. I, for one, am definitely in favour of the much maligned content. DLC, like any tool, has the potential to be abused miserably, which can be seen in how fighters sell colour pallets. On the other hand, DLC offers a great opportunity for growth that simply wasn’t possible before on consoles, or without the use of cumbersome expansion sets on the PC.


This week on Gamemoir, my article looked at the Castlevania series and its ability to change. It’s amazing to look back and see exactly how different the series was when it first started all the way back in 1986. So few game series nowadays are willing to change their formula, and it’s nice to see that a couple of old dogs keep trying to learn new tricks.

Next week’s poll will be about the above article. I’m interested to see which of Castlevania’s major styles you enjoy the most, or if you simply aren’t interested in the series (both provide me with important information).

Until next time

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer

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