Poll Results: What Direct?

Last week, I asked what you thought of the last Nintendo Direct. With two thirds of the vote, most of you were interested in the new trailers to Bayonetta 2 and Monolith Soft’s X. One third was interested in the Little Mac Super Smash Bros. announcement. However, the voter turn out was abysmal, which leads me to think that the real majority answer was that nobody particularly cares. This isn’t surprising due to the large number of choices I gave, which may have diluted the response, and the fact that Nintendo didn’t really announce anything new to excite people.

Overall, it’s good to see more information to X and Bayonetta, and I’m happy to see a loose 2014 date for both games even if I can’t imagine X coming out this year. Some people have started complaining about X’s battle system, but, as it is similar to Xenoblade Chronicles, this criticism is entirely unfounded. As for Little Mac, he was a frequently requested addition to Smash Bros., so his inclusion isn’t too surprising. Nevertheless, it’s good to see new fighter announcements instead of reconfirmations of old mainstays.


This week in Gamemoir, I looked at franchise fatigue, particularly in reference to the Call of Duty series and Activision’s addition of a new studio to the Call of Duty franchise.

Next week’s poll will be looking at collector’s editions of games and what needs to be included to get you buying.

Until next time

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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