Poll Results – We’re Going to Need More than DLC

Last week’s poll asked what you looked for most in a collector’s edition of a game. The final result was a three way tie between soundtracks, art books, and swag such as medallions and figures. Garnering zero percent of the vote was exclusive DLC and the packaging. This is understandable as most DLC offered with a  collector’s edition are simply skins and few people are willing to pay over $20 extra for a game just for skins.

My own opinion is mixed. I care about soundtracks in game series such as Final Fantasy because I know it will be quality and I’ll listen to it. For games like Bioshock or InFamous, a soundtrack is meaningless. Art books are always interesting, particularly if they have some commentary in it. Finally, swag. I’ve got mixed feelings on swag. Most statues are overpriced and cheaply made. However, sometimes there will be something really great offered, often in the form of less ostentatious jewellery. Of course, for the professional nerd, few things raise the geek flag like a well placed statue of Cloud Strife, or that incredibly expensive dragon statue that came with the Skyrim collector’s edition.


This week on Gamemoir, I looked at dungeon themes in RPGs, paying special attention to the composers of each piece.

Next week, because I’m in Donkey Kong mode, I’m going to ask what your favourite game of the Country series is.

Until next time

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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