Cancellation and Poll Results – Diddy > Donkey

Unfortunately, for the first time since moving to the once-a-week schedule, I have to cancel this week’s post.

This week’s poll asked what your favourite Donkey Kong Country game was. With 50% of the vote, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest was number 1. The rest of the vote was split evenly between Donkey Kong Country 1 and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

I’m pretty happy with how the results turned out, pretty much running in line with my own experiences. I was not a fan of Donkey Kong Country 3, which packed far too many gimmicks into the game, and removed some really great elements pointlessly. Donkey Kong Country Returns was probably the weakest release as well so I’m not surprised it didn’t get any votes. As an aside, one thing that baffled me about the Kotaku review was the fact that the author, Stephen Totilo, didn’t think the Donkey Kong Country games stacked up to Mario, Yoshi, or Kirby platformers being released by Nintendo at the time. While he’s of course allowed such an opinion, I can’t even imagine how one could consider the Donkey Kong Country games a bottom tier franchise.


If you’re craving more Donkey Kong Country madness, this week on Gamemoir, I wrote about the concept of Nintendo hard, using Tropical Freeze as the primary example of the concept starting to eek its way back.

Next week, to coincide with Dark Souls 2’s release, I’m going to ask you what difficulty level you usually play on.

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One thought on “Cancellation and Poll Results – Diddy > Donkey

  1. I always find myself disappointed going back to the first Donkey Kong Country because, compared to its sequels, it feels like an incomplete game. There’s no Lost World, nor are there any rewards for finding all the secrets unlike the next two games. I agree with the poll; Donkey Kong Country 2 is the best game in the series. Indeed, it’s my favorite 2D platforming game. I know it’s not a majority opinion, but I actually like Donkey Kong Country 3 more than the first one.

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