Poll Results – Normal is the New Normal?

Last week I asked what difficulty you generally played on. With a whopping 100% of the vote, you picked normal over the harder and easier options. This isn’t at all surprising, though I wondered if I’d see a couple of the extreme hardcore picking hard.

Normal is the setting I generally play on as well for a variety of reasons. Most pressing is that most games are built and balanced around the normal difficulty level. Sometimes you get games that are completely broken when played on higher levels. I don’t play easy (except for Catherine because that game is insane) because I’ve long since graduated past needing that crutch, and a lack of challenge can ruin a game for me. Normal is, more often than not, the perfect balance. After an initial playthough, I almost always exclusively play on harder modes, but unless it’s a horror game that I want to punish myself with, I find normal to be the best option available to minimize possible frustration and maximize fun.


This week at Gamemoir, I looked at the developer Obsidian Entertainment and their propensity for highly ambitious, but really buggy games.

Next week’s poll will be asking what kind of RPG you generally prefer, which ties into my article for Gamemoir next week.

Until next time

-Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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