Poll Results – Big Swords, Spiky Hair

Last week, I asked what subgenre of RPG you preferred. With 100% of the vote, JRPG reigned supreme. This is both a surprising and not surprising result. WRPGs have been gaining immense popularity over the last generation, and many RPG lover have been abandoning the waning JRPG genre for it. However, this analysis really only applies to consoles, and many JRPG fans have since migrated to handhelds where there is still a lot of growth in the genre. This coupled with the fact that JRPGs impacted many gamer’s childhoods makes the selection of JRPG as #1 unsurprising.

Personally, I prefer JRPGs. I tend to find that they put more time and effort into building their characters than WRPG, which often leave me wanting. That’s not to say that there haven’t been fantastic WRPGs released over the last generation, but I simply prefer the quirkiness found with JRPGS. And it seems like a majority of my readers agree.


This week on Gamemoir, I looked at the definition of RPG. I’d touched on this in the past, but I felt like there was room for a more thorough look into the topic.

Next week’s poll acts as a companion piece to this week’s post about virtual reality headsets.

Until next time

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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