Poll Results – PS +/-?

Last week I asked what you thought of Sony’s PlayStation Plus offerings for the PS4 so far. As a reminder these games are Resogun, Contrast, Don’t Starve, Outlast, Dead Nation, and Mercenary Kings. 60% of voters are not content with these games alone, while the remaining 40% are.

This split can be due to a wide range of factors. Firstly, is the fact that all of these games are small-scale independent games instead of AAA games such as Killzone: Shadow Fall or inFamous Second Son. Secondly, there is the problem that many of these games are available on other platforms, principally the PC, meaning that PC gamers are not likely getting as good of a deal as non-PC gamers. Finally, there is simply the suspect quality of these titles. While I would disagree with this last point particularly, many of these games are of the niche variety and not all are going to appeal to all gamers.


This week for Gamemoir, I looked at Nintendo’s misuse of their Virtual Console service. Hopefully, this recent run of Gameboy Advance titles keeps momentum up for this much-neglected service.

Because I’m interested in these results, next week’s poll will be asking for primary reasons why gamers don’t like this string of PS+ games.

Until next time.

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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