Poll Results – Season Pass? No, no, no, no, no

Two weeks ago due to a cancelled post, I asked what you thought of the policy of developers to release DLC as part of a season pass offering. The results were resoundingly negative. Nobody had purchased a single season pass. 80% of you didn’t think it was worth it, while 20% were against the practice entirely.

Season passes for me are just too dangerous. If you really love a game like the Last of Us and buy the season pass, you might end up getting disappointed by its primarily multiplayer focus. For this practice to continue, developers have to be really up front about what purchasers will be getting. Other wise, season pass purchasers could end up being left with a bunch of content they have no interest in.

My gut reaction to season passes is negative because I don’t like it when so much DLC is contemplated for sale before the game even goes out. At the same time, I understand the realities of the business and the fact that story-expanding DLC and multiplayer maps and the like are very often in the forefront of developer’s minds as they work on the game. Giving hardcore fans the ability to purchase all of the upcoming DLC for a discounted price should be a good thing, but somehow, my reaction still lands primarily on the negative side.

No matter, it will be interesting to see how the season pass develops. It’s hard to imagine, but DLC was barely a thing at the beginning of last generation, and now every game is expected to have some. I wonder is season passes will similarly stand the test of time, or if they will move aside for a more efficient or popular distribution method.

Biggest waste of money out there

Biggest waste of money out there

We’ve got two weeks of Gamemoir to cover since I was out last week. Firstly, I wrote an article in response to a lot of the negative feedback about the PS4’s PS+ offerings that I received here via a couple of polls. Secondly, I took a detailed look at the mechanics of the gaming industry’s current review system.

Next week’s poll will ask you what you think of Nintendo’s continued absence on the E3 show floor.

Until next time

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