Poll Results – Nintendo Making a Mistake? My Gut Says Maybe.

It’s been far too long since I put the last poll up. There will likely be more cancellations as we move forward because of my new job. It’s unfortunate, but it’s better than closing the blog. I don’t, however, have any plans to cancel posts, and we’ll proceed as if everything is working until it stops (working that is). The question a few weeks ago was whether Nintendo is making a mistake by not having an E3 liveshow this year. For what it’s worth, we had a tie between the yeses and noes. So, nothing to learn here other than Nintendo is, as usual, very polarizing.

My opinion on the whole matter is that there’s nothing really lost by Nintendo not having a liveshow. They’ll still be at E3; There will still be announcements; and they’ll still get the same press coverage. All they seem to be doing is shaving off some of the cost, and presenting a scripted event instead of a live one, which vey few people are able to attend anyway. More of my impressions can be found in a Gamemoir article linked to below


While I cancelled multiple posts here, I was unable to do as much at Gamemoir, so there’s some backlog. Over the last few weeks, I looked at Nintendo’s lack of a liveshow at E3, my picks for the top 5 NES music tracks, and how one game is unlikely to save the Wii u.

Next week, we’ll start off our E3 prep by me asking what conference you think will be the best. This is mostly so I can shove it in your faces later if you pick wrong (kidding).

Until next time

– Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer

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