I’m just an ordinary person, who has grown up gaming. I’m sick of all of the misinformation out there from gaming analysts and internet trolls, and I feel I have enough background on the subject to share my insight on the industry.

My gaming career started back on the NES when I was young, but it wasn’t until the SNES generations that I really started developing an interest in the medium due to the influence of major JRPGs such as Final Fantasy IV, VI, Chrono Trigger, among others. Since that time, my interests have broadened. While still firmly a JRPG gamer at heart, I now actively play most genres of video games at a relatively high level. While we all have our inherent biases, I try to be as equal opportunities as possible, and thus try discuss issues from multiple sides and not favour one company over another because console wars and the like don’t help anyone.


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