Poll Results – Who the Hell is Simon Belmont?

Last weeks poll asked you what your favourite style of Castlevania game. It was an even split between those with no interest in the series and those preferring the Metroidvania style. The remainder of the vote went to those who liked the new modern action approach of Lords of Shadow. Poor classic Castlevania didn’t accrue a single vote, which, frankly, is totally what I expected considering only a very small portion of gamers wants the series to return to its roots.

Castlevania is not the most popular series in the world, though one most people have at least heard of. As such, I’m also not surprised many of my readers don’t have an interest in the game, though I’ll have to remember to avoid too many Castlevania references in the future.

crack that whip

My articles this week for Gamemoir involved an examination of video game advertisements during the Super Bowl, and a top ten list examining the best games that could be considered clones of other games. Normally, I only write one article a week, but I doubled up last week. On top of that, I was interviewed by GameTalk Live concerning the Super Bowl article. This link only takes you to the highlights, which is only a snippet of the interview.

Next week’s poll will ask a Final Fantasy-based question due to the imminent release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. I’ll be asking which of the XIII saga so far do you think is the better game.

Until next time

-Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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