Violence in Video Games Copout

Hi there, internet. I was going to write a lengthy post about violence in video games and what that should mean in the current political climate, what with the US going through some turbulent times. However, I found an article on Cracked that pretty much sums up my exact feelings on the matter (Minus one or two things). If I were to write something now, it would basically amount to plagiarism. Since I don’t have anything else planned, and I’ve recently switched to a morning update schedule, I’m copping out. Sure I could B.S. something, but I think I’d rather leave you with the article. So, enjoy your break, internet!

Note, while I’m not writing a blog post on this issue, I am more than willing to join in on discussions in the comments about the Cracked article and the culture of violence that we (Not just the US) live in. I know my comments section is rarely booming, but I thought I would extend the offer anyway.

What’s sad is that I paid to see this movie in theatres.
Also, look at the hands. What the hell, graphic designer?

-Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer


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