Update Schedule Change

So I’ve been looking at the past week or so of updates in my blog and I’m generally not happy with the quality. I really wasn’t fond of my FFXIII-2 review yesterday, which I thought was underdeveloped in just about every way possible. A common problem I’ve been having is simply not having enough to write about for a daily blog. I’m also getting burnt out having to put in an hour or two of writing everyday, especially when I have nothing to say.

In order to try to combat this lack of quality, I’m going to try to change the update schedule from daily to three times a week. Hopefully, this will allow me to put out much better content and get less burnt out.

The new update schedule will be: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Update Schedule Change

  1. Awesome! This blog is honestly one of the best sources of information I've found on the internet about gaming in a long time. Especially FF XIII-2. I mean, the GameFAQs boards for it alone are filled with trolls and nostalgia freaks.

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